Data Mining: Student Projects

Title Categories Students University Year Presentation Report
Predicting Customer Churn For A Credit Card Company Customer Acquisition & Retention, Finance, Loans & Insurance Cecily Rekart, Craig Lowenstein, Crystal Trainor, Ernest Chrappah, Maieka Hansard UMD 2005 Presentation
Determining factors that lead to a quick sell of Arlington properties Real-Estate Monisha Banerjee, Megahn Hallahan, Dave Lake, Tyler Morris, Matt Welsh UMD 2005 Presentation
Comparing the demographics of home-owners vs. non home-owners Real-Estate Mamak Ashtari, Alexander Basilia, Chien-Ting Chen, Ashish Markanday, Santosh UMD 2005 Presentation
Understanding voting intensions in Chile Government & Military Jason Andrew, Carrie Boyle, Greg Fries, Ramana Reddy UMD 2004 Presentation
Targeting frequent fliers most likely to respond to a mail offering Customer Acquisition & Retention, Telecom, Transportation Brad Barber, Andrew Choi, Michael Kilby, Jim Turner UMD 2004 Presentation
Profiling subscribers of a new medical journal: who is likely to renew? Customer Acquisition & Retention Ananthakrishnan, Santhosh Bakalov, Yassen Bakalova, Anna Iyer, Rakesh Parameswaran, Sindhu UMD 2004 Presentation
Analyzing factors related to vehicle accident analysis Transportation Amelie Brandenberg, Jason Dell, Donna Donella, Rama Reddy UMD 2004 Presentation
Understanding the determinants of mortgage loan approvals Finance, Loans & Insurance, Real-Estate Chris Baden, Nima Baradar, Dawn Bui, Curtis Hardrick, Subramanian Hariharan UMD 2003 Presentation
Comparing operating differences of male and female CEOs Operations Jay Bachman, Joseph Colca, Vainateya Deshpande, Sung Yang UMD 2003 Presentation
Factors explaining customer satisfaction in a computer-based testing company Customer Acquisition & Retention, Operations Vincia Francis, Lizmara Kirchner, Kyle Singleton, Wen-Chun Wu (deceased) UMD 2003 Presentation