Data Mining: Student Projects

Title Categories Students University Year Presentation Report
Optimized Inventory Management in Retail: A Comparative Analysis of Direct vs. Channel-Specific Sales Volume Forecasting for Perishable Goods to Enhance ROI Operations, Retail Julián Celedón, Didier Fernando Salazar Estrada, Fifi Ding, Grégoire Serex NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Optimizing Inventory of Perishable Goods by Forecasting Daily Sales Operations, Retail Hsuan-Jung Lin (Tiffany), Yuan-Jie Fong (Francis), Kai-Yi Chu (Kyle), Chieh-Jui Ho (Jerry) NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Forecasting Weekly Sales of Perishable Goods by Purchase Channel and Location to Optimize Resources Operations, Retail Taylor Wu, Celine Lin, Sara Tsai, Ella Yang NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Forecasting Perishable Food Sales Quantity for Efficient Inventory Distribution to Large Retail Stores Operations, Retail Audrey Shen, Pearl Lin, Tim Lin, Frank Tsai NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Predicting Next-Month Passenger Traffic at Taiwan Railway Stations to Optimize Restaurant Food Preparation Operations, Retail, Transportation Hsiang-Jung Cheng, Yu-Kang Lai, Shu-Ting Chen, Li-En Tsai NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Forecasting the Next Day's Bedtime for Better Sleep Readiness Healthcare, Internet, IT Cindy Liu, Jamie Chan, Matthew Bobea, Wilma Chen NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Forecasting Next-day Smartphone Usage for Self-Time Management Healthcare, Internet, IT, Social networks Lai Heng Sim, Kuan-Chung Chen, Yu-Pei Lin, Yi-Jiuan Chung NTHU Fall 2023 Report
Predict last-minute give-up rentals to reduce operating loss for WeMo Scooter Customer Acquisition & Retention, Service, Transportation Will Kuan, Beverly Lin, Adam Yu, PeiPei Chen NTHU Fall 2019
Capturing High Value Customers among Migo’s Newly Registered Users for Conducting Precision Marketing Customer Acquisition & Retention, Entertainment Bill Bennett, Wen‐Teng Chang, Yu‐Ting Lin, Tzu‐Lun Lin NTHU Fall 2019 Presentation Report
Predicting Conversion of Free Trial Users to Paying Customers to Increase Sales by Developing an Effective Free Trial Program Customer Acquisition & Retention, Entertainment Chawisa Mahajindaplan, Thuc Han Bui, Jariya Tienmongkol, Ryjill Roa NTHU Fall 2019 Presentation Report