Just out: New Editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting (R and XLMiner)

I am glad to announce that the new editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting with R (Shmueli & Lichtendahl, Second Edition) and Practical Time Series Forecasting (Shmueli, Third Edition) are now available in print and ebook formats. The books are printed in the United States, Europe and India and are vailable globally. Kindle editions are also available worldwide.

New student projects uploaded

Last term I instructed over 200 students in two courses: "Business Analytics Using Data Mining" and "Forecasting Analytics". In each of the courses, students worked in teams on a project using real data, formulating a business problem and addressing it with data mining and/or forecasting tools. I have posted the top projects in the Students Projects area of my website (look for the 2013 projects). For each project, I posted the team's presentation slides and report.


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