Forecasting Analytics

Forecasting Analytics is a post-graduate business analytics elective course at ISB. Forecasting describes the act of generating predictions of future values or events. Quantitative forecasting, which focuses on data for generating numerical forecasts, is an important component of decision making in a wide range of areas and across many business functions, including economic forecasting, workload projections, sales forecasts and transportation demand.

Business Analytics Using Data Mining

Business Analytics using Data Mining (BADM, formerly BIDM)  is a post-graduate elective course @ISB. The course covers data mining techniques and their use in strategic business decision making. This is a hands-on course that provides an understanding of the key methods of data visualization, exploration, classification, prediction, and clustering.

Online course: "Interactive Data Visualization"

An important part of business analytics is effective data exploration. I'll be instructing the online course Interactive Data Visualization which focuses on interactive exploration of data, using state-of-the-art data visualization software. Participants will learn to explore a range of different data types and structures. They will learn about various interactive techniques for manipulating and examining the data and producing effective visualizations.

Another new eBook: Practical Acceptance Sampling

My second eBook has just been published on Amazon: Practical Acceptance Sampling. The book's topic is acceptance sampling, a statistical procedure widely used in today's global supply chains for testing the quality of incoming products or services. The book should be useful to practitioners employing acceptance sampling or and other quality personnel, as well as for students in courses on quality control. My two new eBooks are part of my effort to spread sound statistical knowledge globally.

Online course: "Forecasting"

I will be instructing an online course on Practical Time Series Forecasting, starting Mar 25, 2010.

The course covers popular statistical forecasting methods in business, as well as various issues that relate to the entire forecasting process, from goal definition and data collection to model deployment.

3-Day Workshop on "Decision Making Using Excel" in Bhutan

Prof Shmueli conducted a 3-day workshop for decision makers in Bhutan on Decision Making Using Excel. The workshop was attended by participants from government (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Revenue & Customs, His Majesty's office), corporates (Bhutan Telecom, Kuensel newspaper), research institutes (Royal Institute of Health, Royal Education Council), and private organizations - non-profits and for-profit (Bhutan Foundation, Rigsum Institute, BISHT and others).


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