Scientific Data Collection

Scientific Data-Collection is a unique elective PhD-level course for those conducting empirical research in any discipline, with an emphasis on a web environment. Conducting empirical research successfully requires that the underlying data is collected in a scientific fashion. Since many researchers today collect their own data, the methods used are detrimental to the type, quality, and reliability of the obtained data.

Data Mining for Business (UMD)

Data Mining for Business is an MBA-level 15-week elective course. The course covers data mining techniques and their use in strategic business decision making. This is a hands-on course that provides an understanding of the key methods of data visualization, exploration, classification, prediction, time series forecasting, and clustering.


Clickers are wireless transmitters that function like a TV remote. Each student has his/her own clicker Clickers are used to answer questions posed by the instructor Students’results are immediately recorded and aggregates are immediately displayed, while maintaining confidentiality. For more information about clickers @ UMD, go to clickers.umd.edu


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