Just out: New Editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting (R and XLMiner)

I am glad to announce that the new editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting with R (Shmueli & Lichtendahl, Second Edition) and Practical Time Series Forecasting (Shmueli, Third Edition) are now available in print and ebook formats. The books are printed in the United States, Europe and India and are vailable globally. Kindle editions are also available worldwide.

Based on feedback from readers and instructors, the new editions have two main improvements: Better structuring of the topics and the addition and expansion of several topics. The two books are now aligned with each other, offering instructors the flexibility to teach a mixed crowd of programmers and non-programmers.

If you are an instructor considering the adoption of one of these textbooks for your forecasting course, fill the evaluation copy request form.