New book now out: Information Quality

I'm excited to announce that our book Information Quality - The Potential of Analytics to Generate Knowledge (with Ron Kenett) is finally out just in time for the new year. The book introduces the Information Quality (InfoQ) framework, which is useful for evaluating the potential or usefulness of a dataset for answering a specific question or goal, given the use of data analysis (statistical modeling, data mining, etc.). It is also useful for evaluating studies that use data analysis.

Paper on trees for addressing self-selection in impact studies now published in MIS Quarterly

Many studies use quasi-experiments, which are similar to randomized experiments except that subjects are not randomly assigned to the treatment and control groups. The result is what's called "self-selection bias", which requires special analysis correction for valid inference about the treatment effect.

Paper on A Generalized Stochastic Process For Count Data now published

Here's another neat use of the COM-Poisson distribution (a distribution for count data that includes as special cases Poisson, Bernoulli, and geometric distributions): a count data process! Useful for count data that are over- or under-dispersed.
Our co-authored paper Bridging the Gap: A Generalized Stochastic Process For Count Data (with Li Zhu, Kim Sellers and Darcy Morris) is now published in The American Statistician.

[The link provides free access to the first 50 readers]

Just out: New Editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting (R and XLMiner)

I am glad to announce that the new editions of Practical Time Series Forecasting with R (Shmueli & Lichtendahl, Second Edition) and Practical Time Series Forecasting (Shmueli, Third Edition) are now available in print and ebook formats. The books are printed in the United States, Europe and India and are vailable globally. Kindle editions are also available worldwide.

3rd edition of "Data Mining for Business Analytics" now published

I'm glad to announce that the third edition of our textbook Data Mining for Business Analytics (with Peter Bruce and Nitin Patel) is now available! We added several cool and useful new topics: ensembles, uplift modeling, collaborative filtering, social network analysis, and text mining. The new edition also includes new examples and cases and XLMiner screenshots updated with the current software version.


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