My new book "Getting Started with Business Analytics" now available

David Hardoon and I wanted a book that de-mystifies "business analytics". What it is, what it is not, how to get started, etc. David comes with the rich experience of heading the analytics division at SAS Singapore. I've been teaching and consulting in the field for quite a while. We've been asked these question so many times, that it made sense to write the book!

Too Big To Fail: Large Samples and the P-Value Problem -- forthcoming in ISR

This weekend an important paper that I co-author with Hank Lucas and Mingfeng Lin has been accepted to the prestigious journal Information Systems Research. The paper, entitled "Too Big to Fail: Large Samples and the P-Value Problem" describes a critical challenge that occurs in modeling large samples. Publications in fields such as Information Systems as well as other social sciences have begun to rely on very large samples for testing theories.

Another new eBook: Practical Acceptance Sampling

My second eBook has just been published on Amazon: Practical Acceptance Sampling. The book's topic is acceptance sampling, a statistical procedure widely used in today's global supply chains for testing the quality of incoming products or services. The book should be useful to practitioners employing acceptance sampling or and other quality personnel, as well as for students in courses on quality control. My two new eBooks are part of my effort to spread sound statistical knowledge globally.


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