New textbook: Practical Time Series Forecasting with R

Last year I co-taught the Forecasting Analytics course at the Indian School of Business together with Casey Lichtendahl from Darden School of Business. The co-teaching inspired us to collaborate on "converting" my Practical Time Series Forecasting textbook, which is based on XLMiner software, to an edition that uses R. Since several colleagues have requested such an edition, and motivated by our colleague Rob Hyndman - the guru of forecasting and creator of R forecast package - we embarked on the journey. Our new textbook is now available on Amazon (softcover and Kindle).

Practical Time Series Forecasting with R: A Hands-On Guide joins the Practical Analytics series of textbooks. It covers the same material as the latest XLMiner edition, and is suitable for beginners in R. Instructors seeking an evaluation copy, please fill the online form.