"On Information Quality" accepted for publication at Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

On Information Quality is a paper that I co-author with Ron Kenett. Information Quality, or InfoQ, introduces a high-level analytics concept, asking the question about the potential of a particular dataset to answer the question of interest, given a particular data analysis.

The paper has been accepted to the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series A) and will be a discussion paper. Our manuscript will be followed by a few discussion papers and a rejoinder.

Since our original submission, we have received feedback from many colleagues and referees. We are thankful for all the thoughtful comments that helped us improve the paper. Ron has also presented InfoQ at multiple conferences, and we've designed an InfoQ assignment for data analysis courses. In the planning is a dedicated website for InfoQ.

This paper should be of interest to anyone involved in data analysis: applied statisticians, data miners, and data scientists.