Statistical Strategy

New book now out: Information Quality

I'm excited to announce that our book Information Quality - The Potential of Analytics to Generate Knowledge (with Ron Kenett) is finally out just in time for the new year. The book introduces the Information Quality (InfoQ) framework, which is useful for evaluating the potential or usefulness of a dataset for answering a specific question or goal, given the use of data analysis (statistical modeling, data mining, etc.). It is also useful for evaluating studies that use data analysis.

Talk on Behavioral Big Data @ Waterloo (Canada) on Tuesday

I'll be delivering a plenary talk on Analyzing Behavioral Big Data: Methodological, Practical, Ethical, and Moral Issues at the Stu Hunter Research Conference, in Waterloo, Canada. The talk will be on Tuesday, 9:00-10:30am, followed by two discussants (Discussants: Roger Hoerl, Union College; Kwok Tsui, City University of Hong Kong; Moderator: Maria Weese, Miami University), and discussion from the audience. 

Nature Methods piece on scientific replicability/repeatability/reproducibility

Nature Methods just published our correspondence piece Clarifying the terminology that describes scientific reproducibility (co-authored with Ron Kenett). We make three points:
1. There's confusion between the terms replicability, repeatability and reproducibility, which differ in meanings across and sometimes within fields.


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