Tree based approach for addressing self-selection in Big Data: forthcoming in MIS Quarterly

My paper A Tree-Based Approach for Addressing Self-Selection in Impact Studies with Big Data with Deepa Mani (Indian School of Business) and Inbal Yahav (Bar-Ilan University) is forthcoming in MIS Quarterly, in the special issue on Transformational Issues of Big Data and Analytics in Networked Business. The paper introduces a novel method based on a classification and regression tree - a tool typically used for prediction in data mining - for use in studies that might suffer from self-selection bias, where observations self-select the treatment/control group. We present an alternative to the well-known Propensity Score approach, which is more automated, simpler to understand, more flexible in terms of assumptions and data types, and especially useful with Big Data.

A working paper of an earlier version is available on SSRN.