Lowering society cost of car accidents by predicting high-risk drivers

Project Details


Fall 2014


Vannessa Peng, Davin Tsai, Shu-Ming Yeh





Traffic accident happened every day. In order to decrease the number of traffic accident and the losses caused by the traffic accident. Our government have a lot of policy, but these policy are focus on all the citizen. But now we think the policy have to focus on the certain group, the group who have high rate in traffic accident, to let the policy have more Significant effect.

We get the data from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C, the data is official data which is credibility.
After cleaning the data, since the number of high risk is lesser compare with low risk, we do the oversampling to overcome this problem. And we use a few method, compare them with cost matrix to find the best one.

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