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Online course: "Interactive Data Visualization"

An important part of business analytics is effective data exploration. I'll be instructing the online course Interactive Data Visualization which focuses on interactive exploration of data, using state-of-the-art data visualization software. Participants will learn to explore a range of different data types and structures. They will learn about various interactive techniques for manipulating and examining the data and producing effective visualizations.

Online course: "Forecasting"

I will be instructing an online course on Practical Time Series Forecasting, starting Mar 25, 2010.

The course covers popular statistical forecasting methods in business, as well as various issues that relate to the entire forecasting process, from goal definition and data collection to model deployment.

Scientific Data Collection

Scientific Data-Collection is a unique elective PhD-level course for those conducting empirical research in any discipline, with an emphasis on a web environment. Conducting empirical research successfully requires that the underlying data is collected in a scientific fashion. Since many researchers today collect their own data, the methods used are detrimental to the type, quality, and reliability of the obtained data.


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