Conferences & Workshops

Keynote at Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering at Technion

On Wednesday morning (Nov 23), I'll be giving a keynote talk at the 2016 Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering with the title "Research Using Behavioral Big Data: A Tour and Why Mechanical Engineers Should Care". This is the first time I'll be presenting to an audience of mechanical engineers and I see it as an important opportunity to foster collaborations between the designers and creators of "things" and those using the data generated by the "things".

Talk @ INFORMS: Trees for Detecting Simpson's Paradox in Big Data

Tomorrow at INFORMS's Data Mining Cluster @ 1:30pm, I'll be presenting my work (with Inbal Yahav) "The Forest or the Trees? Tackling Simpson’s Paradox with Classification and Regression Trees". I'll show the special use of the tree structure that we take advantage of in order to detect whether a dataset has Simpson's Paradox (reversal of a causal direction when disaggregating the data).

Instructing 2-day workshop on Data Exploration & Visualization (INFORMS Continuing Education Program)

I'll be co-instructing a two-day intensive workshop on Data Exploration and Visualization, together with David Hardoon, as part of the new INFORMS Continuing Education program. The workshop will take place in two locations: Redwood City (Sept 30-Oct 1, 2013) and Minneapolis (Oct 3-4, 2013).


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