My Work in Bhutan

In 2008-2014 I co-directed the Rigsum Research Lab, which trained faculty, offered crash courses on decision making and technology for the government, corporate and private sectors, and implemented technological projects for education institutions in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Research Highlight:
To Explain or To Predict?

Explain or Predict (Statistical Science)

My research examines the fundamental and practical differences between using statistical and other empirical methods for prediction compared to causal explanation and to description. Although the discussion of explanation vs. prediction has been actively pursued in the philosophy of science, the statistics literature has not considered it in a holistic way.

At a Glance


Galit Shmuéli is Distinguished Professor at the Institute of Service Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. She is also a visiting scholar at Academia Sinica's Institute of Statistical Science. Between 2011-2014 she was the SRITNE Chaired Professor of Data Analytics and Associate Professor of Statistics & Information Systems at the Indian School of Business


Prof. Galit Shmueli
Institute of Service Science
College of Technology Management
National Tsing Hua University
101 Kuang Fu Road, Hsinchu 30013

徐茉莉 博士
服務科學研究所 特聘教授