June 5, 2015

PLS and Prediction: two upcoming talks

Partial Least Squares Path Modeling (PLS-PM) is a popular statistical modeling tool in information systems, marketing and other social science disciplines. Researchers using PLS-PM have typically focused on explanatory modeling. I will be discussing PLS from a predictive point of view at two upcoming conferences this month:

1. At the 2015 PLS Conference in Seville, I'll talk about “Distinguishing Between Prediction and Explanation in PLS” in the panel The Future of PLS (June 18, 2015).

2. At 2015 SCECR ("Statistical Challenges in eCommerce Research") in Addis Ababa, I'll present our work (with Pratyush Sharma and Marko Sarstedt) on "Predictive Model Selection in PLS" (June 25, 2015).

April 14, 2015

Seminar talk at NTHU's Institute of Statistics (joint with NCTU)

On Friday, April 17, I'll be presenting a talk on "To Explain or To Predict?" at National Tsing Hua University's Institute of Statistics. This is a joint seminar with National Chiao Tung University's Institute of Statistics.

Time: 10:40am
Location: General Building III, Room 837, Institute of Statistics, NTHU
More information and abstract

March 19, 2015

Interview in March 2015 Newsletter of NTHU College of Technology Management

In my interview for the March issue of the College of Technology Management's newsletter (page 5) I share my thoughts on teaching in Taiwan, joining a Service Science research group, the role of English, and my attitude for seeking knowledge.

March 10, 2015

Seminar talk at National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

This Thursday, I'll be presenting a talk on To Explain or To Predict? at the Institute of Population Health Sciences at NHRI, in Miaoli, Taiwan.

See time and place here.

October 26, 2014

Launching data mining contest using #EZTABLE data

Our Institute of Service Science in collaboration with Taiwan's restaurant reservation website EZTABLE, is launching a data mining contest using two years of EZTABLE bookings data. The goal is to predict repeat-booking customers. This Taiwan-based open data mining contest is the first of its kind!

EZTABLE's co-founder and VP of Growth Hack Brooky Yen and Data Scientist Hao-Kang Den will give at talk at NTHU's snazzy library on Thursday @5pm. Prof. Soumya Ray and myself will then introduce the Kaggle contest and describe the datasets, winning criteria, and more.

The talk and contest are open to the public. All welcome to join!