Smart Online Ratings for Electronic Gadgets

Project Details


2012 (Dec)


Deepanshu Saini – 61310308 Rachna Lalwani – 61310845 Saurabh Thaman – 61310113 Vikramadith Raman – 61310387 Jeevan Murthy – 61310542 Karthik Venkiteswaran





Aggregator websites of Electronic gadgets listings decide if they want to pick a particular listing from an e-commerce website and display on their own website. Selection of the right items to list is essential to customers selecting products for purchase, therefore leading to higher revenues.

Many e-commerce websites do not collect user ratings, or do not provide this data to our website. Hence, it is difficult to determine whether to display the product or not. Simply removing all items without ratings could lead to high opportunity costs, hence, another solution is required.

Application Area: