Forecasting Sales of Dairy and Ice Cream Products

Project Details


2012 (Nov)


Arpita Bhattad, Kapil Dev Tejwani, Kaushik Sur, Ridhima Gupta, Ushhan Gundevia





ABC retail is a large format hyper market. It sells food, fashion and electronics. Data led
insights and analytics forms the foundation of all decision making and communication. It now wishes to
ascertain unique shopping needs to better service customers. In an attempt to do the same, our group chose to study sales of everyday items such as dairy products including lassi, srikhand and ice-creams. These are part of two classes “Other Dairy” & “Ice Creams & Gelato”. We analyze the data to determine trends, seasonality or unique patterns and use the same to forecast daily sales of the dairy products (lassi & srikhand) and ice-cream to give a reasonable prediction of future demand to assist the retailer to manage stocks better. We consider both the data series individually as both these series show different seasonal trend.

Application Area: