Upcoming invited talk at New England Stat Symposium (May 19)

I will be giving an invited talk on "To Explain or To Predict?" (an abridged version of the 1-hour talk) at the 2010 New England Statistics Symposium, to be held this year at Harvard. Although my talk is within the "business" invited session, it definitely extends to all sciences using statistics, and especially to statisticians who are mostly concerned with descriptive modeling (which is neither explanatory, nor predictive).

"The Challenge of Prediction in IS Research" -- Talk at Tel Aviv Univ's Recanati School of Management

This week I will be presenting a talk, based on our paper "The Challenge of Prediction in Information Systems Research", at the Recanati School of Management, Tel Aviv University. The talk will take place on Wednesday, Aug 12, at 12:30 in room 403. This talk is of interest to researchers in the social sciences who emply statistical modeling.  For more information click here.

"To Explain or To Predict?" presented at Monash U's Econometrics & Business Statistics group

Prof Shmueli presented her work on "Explanatory Modeling vs. Predictive Modeling in Scientific Research" at the seminar series of the Econometrics & Business Economics group at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. The talk was followed by a lively discussion of the differences and meaning of explanatory modeling and statistical modeling.


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